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Even though they itch a bit in the early days and make soup a questionable lunchtime choice, real men still grow beards.


Why? Because real men like to feel like bears. Grizzly bears. Big, heaving, honey guzzling grizzly bears. But also because since 2011 Decembeard has been raising money around the world to help those affected by Bowel Cancer by getting sponsored to - you guessed it - grow a beard. 


This December we are hoping to raise over €50,000 to fund our work helping and supporting people across Ireland with Bowel Cancer and their families and raising awareness of the disease, its symptoms and the need for early diagnosis.


So, you want to grow a beard?

Or maybe you already have a beard and you just want to lend the weight of your bristles to Decembeard and The Men’s Cancer Alliance? Register below and use your face-rug to make a difference…


There are three easy steps to becoming a real man

About Bowel Cancer

An average of 2,436 new cases of Bowel cancer are diagnosed in Ireland every year and 1,040 deaths to cancer annually are due to Bowel Cancer. Yet, in over 90% of cases, Bowel Cancer can be successfully treated if diagnosed early enough.  That is why it is so important to be aware of the symptoms and act on them. If you are suffering from any of the following symptoms for three weeks or more then please seek advice from your GP:


Men's Cancer Alliance


Men's Cancer Alliance


Men's Cancer Alliance


Men's Cancer Alliance